AHB’s Annual Picnic in August—free for members and their guests—has known many venues and formats since Art Johnson held a pool party picnic at his home in 1992, our founding year.

We’ve had picnics at parks around Portland and at different members’ homes, including Ron and Lynn Miller’s patio and Jerry and Gloria Auker’s log cabin home (with Gloria’s homemade pies in abundance). We’ve had picnics catered by member chefs (who can forget Zoe), and done them potluck. A few picnics included delightful chamber music, some had group activities, and one was organized by AHB President Dan Florea’s party planner. Our current host is the Board of AHB, who plan and set up the picnic at the S.M.I.L.E. Station for this annual AHB tradition.

At a convenient point in the evening, we set aside time to discuss possible meeting topics and presenters for the next year. It’s a relaxed way for members to contribute their suggestions and helps the Board plan ahead.

We welcome you to indulge in delicious food, kick back with your fellow members, meet their friends and family, and imbibe the summer sky.

AHB Annual Picnic Photo Album — See anyone you know?