association of home businesses oregon

About Association of Home Businesses

We are not a "leads group," but we do network with each other to get ideas about how to work better, smarter, more profitably. We enjoy the cameraderie, and the chance to get out among others who do what we do -- and to dine together once a month, while enjoying an interesting and useful program. Membership is $60 a year, in our nonprofit organization!

Of course, you don't have to work at home in order to attend our meetings, or even to join. But if you do, we fill a need no other organization we know of locally does. Click here to learn more about our monthly meeting! And, please plan on joining us at our upcoming one!

S.M.I.L.E. Station, 8210 S.E. 13th Ave,
in the Sellwood neighborhood of
Portland, Oregon 97202


AHB is a nonprofit organization for home business owners. We're based in Portland, Oregon, founded in 1992. We're governed by bylaws and have a Board and Officers.